Starting a New Open Access Journal

IWhat to include in a new journal proposal

  • Information about the proposed Editor-in-Chief. A complete curriculum vitae for the proposed Editor-in Chief of the journal listing his/her current research interests, editorial activities, recent publications, and contact information (full mailing address, email address, and fax and phone numbers).
  • A suggested title for the new journal.
  • Aims and Scope for the new journal. The Aims and Scope of the journal should give an overview of the journal's intended focus. It should also provide an elaboration for the subjects discussed in the journal.
  • A brief overview on why is a new publication needed. An explanation of why a new journal on this topic is needed and a list of any existing journals or conferences related to the field.
  • A proposed list of Editorial Board members. The Editorial Board should include a minimum of 20 editors whose collective academic background and experience should cover all the topics covered in the journal and who should be geographically well distributed across the globe.
  • How to submit a proposal

    When your proposal is complete, please send it to for consideration.