Focus and Scope

eJournal of Computing and Information Technology (CIT) is an international scientific journal covering the area of computer science and engineering, modelling and simulation, and information systems. eJCIT publishes original scientific and professional papers, short notes, review articles and surveys.

Specific areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

·  Theory of computing
·  Numerical and symbolic computing
·  Artificial Intelligence Image processing, Visual computing
·  Pattern Recognition
·  Robot vision
·  Real-time systems
·  Operating systems
·  Software engineering
·  Programming languages
·  Performance and complexity evaluation
·  Networking Interfaces and multimedia
·  Strategic management
·  Database systems
·  Decision support systems
·  Security
·  Discrete and continuous simulation
·  Computational statistics
·  Natural language processing
·  Computational linguistics
·  Efficient algorithms

Papers submitted for publication should be original theoretical and practical papers, case studies describing innovative applications and critical evaluation of theory.